Interest Free Loans in Nigeria 2023: Requirements & How to Apply

  • May 25, 2023

Interest Free Loans in Nigeria: Want a loan without paying interest in Nigeria? Nairarush has researched and curated some exciting offers for you.

In the throes of a financial crisis, a loan can often be the buoy that keeps you afloat. Now, imagine if this loan had no interest attached. Imagine a scenario where you borrow money in Nigeria and return exactly what you borrowed, with no hidden costs, fees, or interest.

This seemingly dream-like scenario is a reality with interest-free loans, also known as no interest loans in Nigeria.

This article is a comprehensive guide on how to navigate the world of non-interest loans in Nigeria. We’ll delve into understanding what interest-free loans are, how you can be eligible for them, how to borrow money without interest rates, and the various options available to you.

So, without a waste of time, let’s get started!

Understanding Interest-Free Loans

An interest-free loan is as simple as it sounds – it is a loan that requires the borrower to repay only the principal amount, with no interest.

In the context of a no interest loan in Nigeria, it’s like borrowing money from a friend – what you return is exactly what you borrowed, no added cost.

Interest-free loans have a critical role in providing urgent financial assistance, especially in a country like Nigeria, where access to quick capital can be a significant barrier to starting a small business or dealing with sudden unforeseen expenses.

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Why Interest-Free Loans?

The most apparent benefit of interest-free loans is right in the name – they don’t carry any interest. This makes them an excellent choice for managing short-term financial needs without getting caught in a long-term cycle of debt that usually comes with traditional loans with high-interest rates.

However, getting loans without interest in Nigeria may not be as easy as traditional loans. These loans often have stringent eligibility criteria.

They may also not be as easy to find as traditional loans. Therefore, it becomes important to be aware of the right sources to secure a no interest loan in Nigeria and understand the criteria these sources look for when lending.

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Eligibility for Interest-Free Loans

While the eligibility criteria for interest free loans may vary from one lender to another, the common criteria across most lenders include:

  • A stable source of income or a profitable business that can prove its ability to repay the loan
  • A good credit history showing your ability to handle loans responsibly
  • Being a resident of Nigeria
  • Having a valid Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Improving your credit score and having a stable income source are two ways to increase your chances of being approved for a loan app without interest, or any other type of interest-free loan. It’s always a good idea to check with the lender for their specific eligibility criteria before applying.

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Where to Get Interest-Free Loans in Nigeria

In Nigeria, a few financial institutions and online platforms offer non-interest loans. Some popular ones include:

Jaiz Bank: A Beacon of Non-Interest Banking in Nigeria

interest free loans

Abiding by Islamic banking principles, Jaiz Bank has established itself as a public organization quoted nationally with a robust shareholder base exceeding 26,000. Jaiz Bank’s mission is to excel as a unique leader in ethical banking throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

True to its Islamic banking foundations, Jaiz Bank offers loans without interest in Nigeria. These loan offerings, bearing zero interest rates, are accessible to everyone, albeit with a repayment period or loan tenor. A glimpse at some of these loans includes:

Murabaha (Household Appliance Loan)

If you’re considering buying essential household items like television sets, refrigerators, or laptops, Jaiz Bank has you covered with its consumer product loan. This loan has a 24-month repayment period.

Project Financing

Have a significant project but lack the necessary capital? Jaiz Bank extends its support to execute the project for you, selling it back at a cost plus a profit margin.

Additional loan offerings from Jaiz Bank encompass Lease to own and Working capital Financing. To discover more about Jaiz Bank and its loan options, visit their official website at www.jaizbankplc.com.

TAJ Bank: Pioneering Interest-Free Loans in Nigeria

Much like Jaiz Bank, TAJ Bank abides by the principles of Sharia finance, thereby not engaging in interest-based transactions. With three branches across Nigeria and a host of services akin to conventional banks like ATM services and online transactions, TAJ Bank is based in Abuja, with a branch in Kano. Some of their loan offerings include:

Cost Plus Working Capital (Murabaha)

This loan is designed to assist you in purchasing necessary raw materials or assets. Once you’ve located your desired asset or raw material, TAJ Bank pays the supplier directly. You’re then required to repay the loan on a mutually agreed date on a cost-plus-profit basis.

Bonds and Guarantees (Kafalah)

TAJ Bank has designed this loan primarily for companies requiring a guarantee for their trading partners or clients.

Cost Plus SME Finance

This product meets the funding needs of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). TAJ Bank clusters SMEs into cooperative groups to finance their capital needs. If you’re an SME, this loan is tailor-made for you.

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How to Apply for an Interest-Free Loan

Now that you’ve known where to get a non-interest loan in Nigeria, let’s see how to apply. Securing a free-interest loan involves a few steps:

  1. Identify your preferred lender, this could be a traditional bank, an online platform, or a cooperative society.
  2. Register or open an account with the lender.
  3. Check the available loan offers and understand the terms of each offer.
  4. Apply for the loan by filling out the application form and providing all the necessary documents.
  5. Once approved, the loan amount will be disbursed to your account.

In case you did not qualify for the loan from the options provided above, there are some alternatives. Let’s take a look at that.

Alternative Financing Options in Nigeria

While our focus is on securing loans without interest in Nigeria, it’s worthwhile to note other financing options that are available. Traditional bank loans, credit card loans, and peer-to-peer lending may come with interest, but they can provide more substantial loan amounts or flexible repayment terms. Always weigh your options and choose the best fit for your situation.

Non-Interest Loans – FAQs

Which bank in Nigeria gives loans without interest?

Banks in Nigeria that give loans without interest include Taj Bank, and Jaiz Bank.

Can I borrow money without interest?

Yes, you can borrow money without interest in Nigeria by exploring the “no interest banking” service offered by banks like Taj and Jaiz.


Getting a no interest loan in Nigeria can be the helping hand you need during financial challenges. This guide is designed to make the process of borrowing money without interest rate simpler and easier for you.

Remember, securing an interest free loan is just one part of the puzzle; using the loan effectively and managing repayment responsibly is equally, if not more, important.